Best Educational Adventures in Virginia

Best Educational Adventures in Virginia

Virginia has so many things you can do that are educational. You can explore the history of America and take a step back in time. We have listed some of the best educational adventures in Virginia.

Jamestown and Yorktown Settlement and Victory Center
Explore our country’s beginnings at the Jamestown settlement. There are hands-on educational programs there. They have a variety of tours and programs you can participate in. The settlement tells the story of 17th century Virginia from the arrival of the colonists in 1607. While you are visiting Jamestown its rich history comes to life through film, gallery exhibits and outdoor living history. They have replicas of the three ships that sailed from England to Jamestown in 1607.

Virginia Aquarium
Explore more than 800,000 gallons if the best aquariums and live animal habitats in the country. There are hundreds of hands-on exhibits. The National Geographic 3D Theater is an awesome experience. In the Bay and Ocean pavilion you will learn about the aquatic animals of Virginia. In the Marsh Pavilion you will see river otters, seahorses, snakes and other marsh dwellers. On Owls Creek Path you will enjoy a 10 minute walk through a salt marsh and woodland preserve.  Climb the 30 foot observation to get a view of Owls Creek from tree top level.

Williamsburg Virginia
Step back in time when you visit Williamsburg, Virginia. The town functions as it did hundreds of years ago. Become a citizen of the revolutionary city. See revolutionary reenactments. Explore art museums and the historic city. You can stay in a historic hotel. You can eat in old fashion restaurants. Engage with the local community and experience firsthand the daily struggles of wartime.

Richmond, Virginia
Explore the capital of Virginia with a trip to Richmond. You can vists the Virginia State Capitol which was designed by Thomas Jefferson in 1788. You can visit the Museum and White house of the confederacy. You can visit St John’s Church to see Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” Speech. Check out the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts along with the Virginia WAr Memorial and Monument Ave.

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