Best Dining Experiences in the Virginia Beach Area

Best Dining Experiences in the Virginia Beach Area

Sometimes, you want more than the usual dinner: you want a dining experience. If you’re looking to get away from chain restaurants and drab dining, Virginia Beach is the home of many unique dining experiences, including dinner shows, carefully crafted atmospheres, and the beach vibe that draws in tourists year after year. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, European lounge feel or to fish for your own meal after taking a kayak tour, there’s plenty of range, both in price and experience.

Unique Dining Experiences

Cellar’s Restaurant. Known to some as “Virginia’s best kept secret,” the restaurant’s menu is described as French with a country flair, and is nationally renown for its flavorful food and wine selection. A local favorite, Cellar’s Restaurant is all about the atmosphere. Step out of the modern world and into an accurate farmhouse cellar of the 1960’s, where you’ll be served as if you’re in another time. With rose petals on the stairs, time accurate, historically dressed staff, low ceilings, exposed brick, and multiple fireplaces, Cellar’s creates a romantic, rustic feel that can’t be found elsewhere. As a bonus, all the ingredients are locally-grown and organic, adding the perfect, unique touch.

The Shack. There are fewer places in Virginia Beach with more charm the Shack, a four-hundred square foot restaurant with a Southern-Appalachian fusion menu. While the food is a huge draw for locals and tourists alike, the real difference is the unique seating arrangements – upon entering, everyone is seated with strangers at long tables. If you come in on Friday or Saturday, you can share a full four or five course meal, with drinks included, and hopefully come out of the experience with some new friends and shared memories. For those looking for a different way to dine, and some delicious, well-priced food, the Shack is an obvious choice, and Chef Ian Boden is always looking to serve.

Medieval Madness. Perhaps modeled after the popular dinner show Medieval Times, Medieval Madness offers an authentic medieval meal, complete with knights, ladies, and jesters. An interactive dinner-show experience, Medieval Madness serves 15th century food over four different courses, which includes mead and ale, along with a comedy-based show to keep the whole family engaged and entertained. Family-friendly and affordable, anyone looking for something a little out of the norm, and some entertainment with their meal, should consider stopping in.

Catch and Cook. Perhaps the most quintessentially Virginia Beach, Catch and Cook is a fishing excursion, usually by kayak, that allows you to catch your own meal. Whether it be tuna, swordfish, rockfish or otherwise, whatever it is you find on the other end of your line is what you’ll be eating. Catch and Cook participates with four local oceanside restaurants – Rudee’s, Croc’s 19th Street Bistro, Murphy’s Irish Pub, and Waterman’s Surfside Grill – and allows you to cook up your catch however you request. If you want something fresh, unique, and completely yours, there’s no better opportunity. You can even take your cooked product back out on the kayak and enjoy it on the water!

Maverick Murder Mystery. What better way to enjoy your meal than with a side of mystique and murder? Maverick Murder Mystery boasts frequently updated, interactive murder mystery shows, where everyone, children included, can be involved for some clue-searching, sleuthing fun. With a wide menu and a reasonable price, Maverick Murder Mystery is widely considered the best of its kind in the area, drawing in locals and tourists alike for some good old-fashioned ‘who done it?’ with a traditional meal at the beautiful Church Point Manor Historic Inn.
Whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it be a shared meal, a murder to solve, or the freshest seafood you can find, Virginia Beach offers a wide variety of choices, all for reasonable prices. If you’re looking for an experience just as much as you are some food, there’s no better place to look.

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