Dolphin Boating Tours at Virginia Beach

Dolphin Boating Tours at Virginia Beach

Looking to go boating while you’re at the shore? While there’s plenty to see and do on land, there’s nothing quite like exploring what’s out past the shore. Virginia Beach has plenty of options for boating expeditions, many of them focused on the lovable creatures most beach-goers want to see – dolphins!

Boating Tour Options

Virginia Aquarium’s Boating Trips. Offered April through October and centered around our intelligent, gentle dolphin friends, Virginia Aquarium offers a 90-minute excursion that’s both fun and educational for adults and children. Not only is it a chance to see bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitats as pointed out by marine biologist professionals in a family-friendly, learning environment, the aquarium also offers explanation and insight into their current research. Get an inside scoop on what’s happening below the water, and do it while learning some new facts about the way dolphins live and play in their natural homes.

Sunset Dolphin Cruises. This company prides itself on offering tours that are not only fun, but educational, though perhaps in a different way than Virginia Aquarium. Running Memorial Day through Labor Day, cruises start at 7:00PM and run approximately an hour and a half. Known for its path down the coast toward historic Cape Henry, the cruise boasts not only interactions between dolphins, but the path English settlers took before they landed in 1607. The tour guides are more than familiar with the route, and can point out historic checkpoints and offer interesting facts about the difficulties it faced for those who would lay down the foundation for the United States. If history as well as marine biology is something you’re interested in, it’s definitely worth a look.

Rudee Tours & Rudee Rocket. Rudee Tours offers day expeditions out to see the waters and the aquatic life that call it their own, and their tour guides know their stuff. Like the aquarium but sometimes for a cheaper price, Rudee Tours offers information on the dolphin hunting patterns, social hierarchy, and lifestyle, as well as what’s being done to protect them and what you can do personally. But that’s not all that makes them special. Besides their daytime tours and sunset cruises, Rudee also offers a trip on a boat called the Rudee Rocket, whose tagline is “Just Add Water and 2000 Horsepower”! Marketed as a thrill ride, the Rudee Rocket rushes through the waters at quick speeds, splashing, twisting, and surprising its riders. If you’re looking for a little more excitement while you’re checking out the Virginia waters and the creatures that live above and beneath it, this is your best shot.


What way do you like to tour what’s off the shore? Know any places we haven’t listed? Leave a comment!


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