Guide to Virginia Beach Nightlife

Guide to Virginia Beach Nightlife

Virginia Beach is a great place for the families to hit the sand together, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead once the sun goes down. Here are some tips to enjoying your night out on the town in this not-so-sleepy shore city, and getting the most out of the VB nightlife. 

Start Your Night Right

Narrow it down before you start your evening. There’s a wide range of activities to take on once the sun goes down, and you can’t get them all done in one night. There are grill and bars lining the Oceanside (definitely check out Waterman’s Surfside Grille, a local favorite with delicious food and original specialty drinks), and plenty of sports bars further in. If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, the boardwalk’s always a safe bet, with almost nightly shows of local bands and lots of activities – not to mention, there’s plenty of drinks to go around!


If You’re Going for a Bar Hop…

If  you decide you want to jump from the bar to the club, consider leaving your car behind. Virginia Beach is currently supported by services like Uber and Lyft, both of which give rides at cheaper prices than the ordinary cab fare. They’ll pick you up and take you wherever it is you’re looking to go, and there are cars all over the city. If nothing else, consider bringing a friend who doesn’t plan to drink: safety always comes first.


Nights on the Beach

The  beach is definitely less crowded once the sun goes down, but remember that alcohol of any kind (as well as any glass containers) is illegal unless it’s been permitted for an event. If you’re found with alcohol outside of one of these events, you can be prosecuted. Another thing to remember is that some beaches close after a certain hour, all of which are posted before you hit the sand, so watch the laws and make sure you’re staying safe and legal!


Whatever it is you’re planning to do, have safe, age-appropriate fun! Leave comments below to let us know what your nighttime plans are.


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