Best Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach

Best Coffee Shops in Virginia Beach

Americans love their coffee. If you’re looking for something a level above the usual Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, Virginia Beach has plenty of options, many of them with a special flair you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want the coffee shop atmosphere or a quick, cheap, or creative brew, there’s something for every taste. Many of them are also hidden gems, discovered only by the locals.


Bad Ass Coffee. The name says plenty. With more than one location, one close to the beach, Bad Ass Coffee offers a relaxing, laid-back and cozy place to try out some unique Hawaiian brews. This includes 100% Kona brew, which is definitely something to boast about. In addition to the tropical flair they bring to coffee, they also serve breakfast all day long, making it the perfect place to stop by for a muffin or some eggs and enjoy them the way they should be enjoyed – with a hot, flavorful cup of coffee. The best thing is, when you’re ready to head out, you’re welcome to refill a to-go cup for yourself!


Cafe Moka. Though a bit out of the way if you’re spending the day on the beach, Cafe Moka offers original, handmade brewed coffee that you won’t find anywhere else. Receiving high praise from so-called “coffee snobs,” there isn’t really any test Cafe Moka can’t pass. They specialize in unique expressoes, and serve them in a trendy, up-to-date atmosphere where you’re welcome to make yourself at home and relax. Locals recommend the peanut butter mocha – you won’t find it anywhere else, and it’s delicious!


Duck Donut. This place is all about fast service, homemade syrups and cake-like, dough-filled donuts. Known not only for its delicious, fresh-brewed coffee, Duck Donut delivers on its name, providing some of the best donuts in town. What’s a better complement to some good, strong coffee? Among favorites is the maple bacon donut served with one of their signature lattes. Locals swear by it, as well as the fast, friendly service.
Whether you step in for a quick caffeine fix or stick around to enjoy the atmosphere, Virginia Beach delivers on the coffee front. What are your favorite coffee places at the beach we might have missed? Let us known on the comments.

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