Fishing at Virginia Beach

Fishing at Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is well-known for its excellent fishing spots. Located at the intersection of the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and a variety of freshwater waterways, there’s definitely nothing to hold others from calling the area an “angler’s paradise.” Whether you’re into deep sea fishing or something a little closer to shore, the area has plenty of opportunities to reel in something big.

If you’re looking to go fishing from land, the best place to start is the pier. It’s located right on 15th street and the boardwalk, which is in the heart of the resort district. There’s a bait-and-tackle shop, as well as a small restaurant to stop by for snacks when you’ve worked up an appetite. No fishing license is required, and the pier is open twenty-four hours from April through October, making it ideal for any type of fisherman. Head out in the early morning or stay until late at night, but keep in mind that there’s a fine to pay for walking on the pier without fishing. Either way, you’ve got everything you need right there, and with its location near popular beaches, the entire family can keep entertained if they’re not anglers themselves.

Virginia Beach offers a wide range of boat tours that take you out on the ocean and into the heart of the catch. Check out our previous article on boat tours to find some options that might be available to you, or considering renting a boat of your own. Most of these tours require no licenses or registrations, and many of them are tours aimed at sightseeing as well. Feel free to take the whole family and head out for an adventure that’ll satisfy all of you, and then bring back something home for dinner or to mount up on the wall. Everyone wins.


Coastal Virginia Fishing Guide

The most comprehensive guide for Virginia, the Coastal Fishing Guide has all the information you need to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the Virginia waters. It’s updated regularly and has all the information on what’s biting, what’s not, and which areas seem to be getting the best results for those looking for bites. Check it out here for more information.
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