2016 Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

2016 Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

Looking to get a tattoo while you’re down at the beach? The 2016 Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is a weekend-long event held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center that might help with just that. The event runs 8/12 to 8/14 and goes all day long for the whole weekend. It’s the only time all year you’ll find artists from all over the state — and the country, even — gathered in one place and ready to do what they do best: tattoo.

A day pass costs $27 plus tax, and to go for the weekend, you’re looking at $47 plus tax. There are breaks in admission price for members of the military, but if it’s looking a bit hefty of a price for you, consider what you’re getting. The best artists around all in one place isn’t something you’ll find often, and even if you’re not in the market for some new ink, the art alone is worth a look. These artists use skin as their canvases, something not altogether simple, and all weekend they’ll be showcasing that talent. Demonstrations at this art show are a bit more permanent than a sketch on paper! Seeing an artist at work takes on a different meaning when you consider someone’s going under the needle for it.

There are opportunities to find a tattoo artist for you all weekend. If you’re 18 and have your ID ready, you can get a wristband at Registration that lets the artists know you’re A-okay to be inked up. Many of them are taking walk-ins on the spot and looking for some new skin to work on, so it’s only a matter of time before you find the right fit for you (however, you might want to consider the crowds if you have someone in mind, because it’s first come, first serve). Plenty of these artists normally only take appointment-based clients which can be backed up for months, depending on their popularity. That’s some opportunity right there!

If you’re not looking to commit right then and there, it’s a great place to find some new artists who might be a perfect fit for a future piece, or even just to see the way the business works. There are demonstrations to see, sketches to request, and art to look at, almost all of it original and designed by the tattoo artists themselves. If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a look, even just to kill the time.

Will you be heading to the festival? Let us know what you think in the comments, and any experiences you’ve had at the festival in the past.

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