2016 Neptune Festival Seniors Gala

2016 Neptune Festival Seniors Gala

There are times we forget to treat our seniors with respect and admiration. They’ve seen change, tragedy, and the growth of our nation, and yet often get cast aside. There are other times we forget they’re still people at all. Our elders are filled with wisdom, have achieved so much before us, and have stories and tales to tell, but we can’t forget that they’re still just like us: always on the lookout for some good old-fashioned fun. When Bingo and bridge aren’t doing the trick, the annual Seniors Gala portion of the Neptune Festival is the perfect place for the oldest of citizens to get up, kick off their shoes, and shake a leg.

Leading up to the Neptune Festival’s Boardwalk Weekend, the Seniors Gala is held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and strives to give our seniors the night they all deserve. With live music played by Glen Oswick and the Sound of Swing Orchestra, a full buffet available throughout the evening, and a dance floor just ready for some more old-style moves, there’s hardly anything missing to make for a fun-filled night out. The orchestra takes requests from those who ask, but plays old favorites from the jukeboxes of old, reminding seniors of better days when the foxtrot was more popular than more modern-day grinding.

And on top of that, the princesses chosen by the Neptune Committee are in attendance, ready to dance with the seniors and give them a good time. What better way to swing than with a healthy, happy mix of old and young?

This year’s gala is set to take place September 7th, and reservations start as early as August 1st. The event runs from 7PM-10PM, taking into account any extra accommodations seniors might need and providing transportation to and from senior centers. Tickets are $10/person, and reservations with payment must be made in advance. Tables of 10 may also be reserved for $100. Call the Neptune Festival office to make your reservation at (757) 498 0215.

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