Fore! Mini Golf at Virginia Beach

Fore! Mini Golf at Virginia Beach

Mini golf is pretty timeless as far as family fun goes, and Virginia Beach has no shortage of it. From old-fashioned themed mini golfing for all ages to slightly amped up versions for added thrill, there’s a place for every family to head in, pick up a club, and putt until they drop (or at least until they run out of balls and holes). There’s something exhilarating about a competitive game of mini golf, whether you’re old or young. Head to head against mom or dad or your big sister, can you win? It’s a great way to round down those hot summer evenings after hitting the beach.


Best Mini Golf at Virginia Beach

Jungle Golf. This place has been entertaining families since 1970, and if that’s not some dedication to family fun, I don’t know what is. With an 18-hole jungle-themed course, there’s always something fun to see while you’re chasing around that hole, whether it be monkeys or hippos or vicious, elegant cats of prey. The place has been revamped since 1970 with new furnishings and animatronics, so it’s not nearly as out of doubt as it might seem. Plus, there’s an arcade to go along with it, fully stocked with a jungle-themed snack bar and air conditioning. There’s not a whole lot of ways you can go wrong if you’re looking for that classically themed mini golf experience, and some of the holes are much more challenging than you’d think.

Pirates Paradise Mini Golf. Maybe pirates are more your thing? Well, ahoy, matey, there’s luck for you yet! Pirates Paradise is a similarly built 18-hole course. Except this time it’s filled with pirates and ships and plenty of mischief to find while you’re sailing across the seven seas in search of gold and glory. The snack bar is always fully stocked, too, whether you’re looking for hot dogs or funnel cakes. They even take reservations for birthday parties, giving you the whole course to yourself and whoever you choose to bring along on your pirate adventure. Its location in the heart of Virginia Beach doesn’t make it anything to scoff at, either.

King Neptune’s Mini Golf. Now this one’s a bit different. King Neptune’s is the premier indoor mini golf experience, boasting its “3D” experience and backlighting. It’s only 10 holes, but considering all of it is played inside and in the dark, the thrill and added gimmick of it is more to make up for the shorter time you’ll be playing. If the weather happens to be bad or you’re just looking for something a little out of the norm from what you usually get mini golfing outside, this is the place to be. Plus, the flashing lights definitely add to the experience of it all. Try not to get distracted while you’re putting!


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