Pick-Your-Own at Henley Farm: Fresh Produce For Cheap

Pick-Your-Own at Henley Farm: Fresh Produce For Cheap

There’s nothing better than farm fresh produce, except maybe being able to pick it yourself. For over fifty years, Henley Farm has been providing fresh ‘pick-your-own’ fruits and vegetables at fair prices in the Pungo section of Virginia Beach. Henley’s is exactly what a family farm should be: owned by Winky and Barbara Henley and their two sons, Bruce and Jeff, everything is operated and owned from on the farm where the entire family lives.

Supposedly, they’re within ‘shouting distance’ of each other, and as close as any family could be. There are no ties to corporations, no selling out to big business, and definitely no elements of the factory anywhere near the property. The vegetables and fruit are all organic, without any added chemicals, and any farm animals you see have been raised the way they should be. It’s been family-owned since 1970, and the Henleys are dedicated to keeping it that way. There aren’t a whole of farms that can vouch for that anymore, especially not so close to a tourist town.

As the weather gets colder and fall comes rolling in, many people, even those further down south, imagine certain things — picking apples and searching for the perfect pumpkin to pluck up and set on the porch. Henley Farm delivers. Their apples and pumpkins are designated as ‘Pick-Your-Own’ and priced by the pound, and all you have to do is bring your own basket and come on down. They also sell pre-picked vegetables and fruits for those who aren’t as inclined to get down and dirty on their own, so no one misses out on the freshest, cheapest produce in the area.

What better way to spend the afternoon than to head down to the orchard and pick some apples to make into a sweet treat later, or eat on their own? Or to find a nice, round pumpkin to turn into a Jack O’ Lantern? Whatever the goal is, Henley’s has been delivering to locals and tourists alike for years, and are definitely the best bet. With fall rolled in, it’s worth checking out just for the tasty veggies and fruits alone.

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