Sunrise Tips: How to Start Your Virginia Beach Day Right

Sunrise Tips: How to Start Your Virginia Beach Day Right

The sunrise is the world’s natural Instagram filter. With the fall rolling in, those first glimpses of daylight become even more precious. Every ray is special and seemingly fleeting. When it comes to savoring the moment and finding the picturesque scene (and maybe a few shots for Instagram), Virginia Beach has plenty of options, and it all depends on what you’re looking for. Where else in the world could you choose to greet the day from above the Atlantic Ocean or the Chesapeake Bay, depending on your preference? But don’t choose, try both. There’s something memorable either way.

Looking for the sun over the Atlantic Ocean? The Sandbridge is a favorite place to catch the Virginia Beach sunrise. The dunes glisten with that first sight of morning sun, and the early surf seems to be greeting the day. There’s something magical about being alone with nature at sunrise, far away from the resort areas. But if that’s more your style, head to the beaches before the crowds. Early enough for a fall sunrise, the beaches should be almost deserted. From behind King Neptune’s Statue, the sun catches beautifully, and some say that this is the only time of day when the god seems to be rising fully from the ocean. He’s greeting a new day on the beach, too! Make sure to tilt your head in just the right way to catch it (and check out our previous article on what that angle is). If you want to be out closer on the beach, the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier is your best bet. It costs a little extra if you go on without the intention to fish, but if you’re early rising to get the best catch, there’s no better way to kill two birds with that single stone.

Or, maybe you want to get a little more up close and personal. From Rudee Inlet, you can rent or bring your kayak or canoe and head out to meet the sun yourself. What better way to start the day than from the calm morning waters of the Atlantic, the sun breaking right ahead?

If you’re looking for a bay sunrise, Chesapeake Bay Beach is the way to go. Kayaking, canoeing and boating is more than welcome, and packing up a breakfast for the day and heading out to enjoy it on the water will kick-start everything. There’s no morning surf like over the Atlantic, but sailing that historic bay yourself and enjoying the fresh morning air is sure to put you in good spirits.

What’s your favorite place to catch the sunrise?

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