History to Explore: The Virginia Legends Walk

History to Explore: The Virginia Legends Walk

The Virginia Legends Walk is a completely free, walk-through history museum, often overlooked by Virginia Beach tourists. Lined with plaques to honor famous people in Virginia history, the walk takes up only a small amount of space only a short distance from the more popular boardwalk attractions.

It’s always important to know the history of a place, and Virginia’s got plenty of history. The United States might not be very old, but there have been incredible people even in that short amount of the time who literally changed history with their actions. The Virginia Legends Walk honors the people who originated in Virginia, hoping to bring attention to the role the state has played. While a walk that specific doesn’t sound like it would be very long, you’d be surprised! Many of our most influential Americans hailed from Virginia, and having them all laid out in one place is the perfect way to put it into perspective.

Getting through the entire exhibit doesn’t take long, either, and it’s completely free to enter. The walk is set up in a park that you can easily make your way through in about half an hour, even if you stop and take your time. There are plaques lining the walk and also the walls, and some more influential Virginians have made their way up to the gazebo. More famous plaques detail the lives and stories of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Douglas MacArthur, Ella Fitzgerald, Pearl Bailey, Katie Couric, Arthur Ashe, Patsy Cline and James Monroe. These are only to name a few.

For those who enjoy history and want to take a short stroll, it’s definitely worth a look. The park itself is maintained well, so it’s a good place for a picnic while you’re enjoying the stories of Virginia’s finest. Some of the people listed there might even surprise you!

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