About Chesapeake

edgar-allen-poe-chesapeake-1Chesapeake. Virginia – Located along the Intracostal Waterway, Chesapeake, Virginia, is a city packed with natural beauty and rich in culture and diversity. With more than 22 miles of fresh and salt waterways it is not surprising that the awe inspiring beauty of this coastal city has inspired literary geniuses like Edgar Allen Poe. From outdoor adventures, to dinning at one of the many diverse restaurants in the area, Chesapeake truly is a city that has something for all tastes.

Chesapeake, Virginia is a large geographically diverse city made up of suburbs, farmland, forests, wetlands and a few bustling urban areas. It borders north Carolina on the southern end and the harbor areas of Norfolk and Portsmouth on the northern end. The city boasts miles of waterfront that is used for a mix of purposes including residential, commercial and industrial properties.

The roots of the Chesapeake region extend back to Virginia’s colonial days. Many battles were fought in the waters of the Chesapeake during the Revolutionary War. The growth of Chesapeake has depended largely upon its water adjacent location and complicated transportation situation. Visitors can reach Chesapeake by air at the Norfolk International Airport, or Chesapeake Regional Airport. Visitors can also reach Chesapeake by traveling one of the many highways and interstates that lead there. Chesapeake is served by U.S. Highways 13, 17, 58 and 468 State Route 168, the Hampton Roads Beltway, Chesapeake Expressway and Interstates 64 and 164 among others.

Many visitors to Chesapeake, Virginia enjoy taking part in outdoor adventures while they are visiting. The Dismal Swamp Canal  is thought to have inspired Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven.” The canal was built in 1790 and it spans 22 miles. Visitors will enjoy views of diverse wildlife and lush terrain while navigating the swamp. Part of the Intracoastal Waterway, the swamp canal once served as a trade route between Virginia and North Carolina.

battleship-wisconson-chesapeake-2Visitors to Chesapeake, Virginia will also enjoy an array of cultural, historical and entertainment opportunities. From taking in a symphony at Chesapeake City Park, to exploring the Battleship Wisconsin. The area also hosts a number of popular events annually including the Waterways Heritage Festival, Virginia Arts Festival and the Chesapeake Wine Festival.

Shopping and dining options are offered in abundance in Chesapeake, Virginia. The city is a shopper’s heaven with a wide array of chic boutiques and trendy retail stores to choose from. From the Greenbrier Mall, to the Chesapeake Square Mall, along with the newly built Towne Place at the Greenbrier, visitors will find no shortage of upscale and bargain shopping here.

Last, but most certainly not least is the dining options in Chesapeake. Chesapeake truly is a foodies paradise with an array of regional cosines for visitors to enjoy. From the hot dogs at Famous Uncle Al’s Hot Dogs and Grill to the world renowned BBQ at Wood Chicks BBQ visitors will love the regional fare this city has to offer. In addition to the local establishments visitors have an array of options when it comes to nationally established restaurant chains when dining in Chesapeake.

July 19, 2019, 1:26 am