About Norfolk, VA

norfolk-navy-ship-yard-1Norfolk. Virginia – Home to the world’s largest Naval base, The city of Norfolk, Virginia offers visitors miles of sandy beaches along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Second only to Virginia Beach in population, Norfolk is located at the heart of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. From the historic downtown district to the massive waterfront complex with all the shopping and dining one could need, Norfolk truly has it all.

Bordered by the Elizabeth River to its west, the Chesapeake Bay to its north and the cities of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake to the south, Norfolk is considered to be the urban, financial, historic and cultural hub of the Hampton Roads region. Its prime location on the water made it ideal for the home of the Norfolk Naval Base and the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations also has its defense headquarters here. Norfolk is bordered by numerous bodies of water, which lends to miles of waterfront property.

It is not uncommon for visitors to Norfolk to be in town for a convention, or conference. That being said, the city has an abundance of sightseeing attractions and entertainment options for travelers to enjoy. The Nauticus and Battleship Wisconsin are popular options for visitors that want to take in some history and get an up close view of the water. The Chrysler Museum also offers visitors world class views of the area.

Visitors have plenty of options for entertainment while they are in Norfolk. The city has a number of theaters and concert halls along with baseball at the waterfront Harbor Park athletic complex. Town Point Park is the perfect place to take in a concert. Situated on the Elizabeth River, Town Point Park offers patrons an amazing atmosphere along with world-class entertainment.

downtown-norfolk-2Norfolk has plenty of options for visitors that enjoy shopping while they are on vacation.  The MacArthur Center Mall is just blocks from the Norfolk Navy Base and it offers visitors upscale shopping and dining, along with entertainment. The historic Ghent district is ideal for shoppers that prefer a slower pace. The Ghent district has an abundance of interesting and unique boutiques, along with an array of cafes and art galleries.

The Norfolk Trolley Tours are available for visitors that want to get around the city without getting lost. The trolleys cover most of the major areas including the Ghent district, the MacArthur Center Mall, the Chrysler Museum of Art and the Norfolk Navy Base. The Norfolk Trolley Tours are available between Memorial and Labor Day each year.

Another interesting thing about the city of Norfolk is the mermaid statues. Scattered around Norfolk, the mermaid statues were designed by local artists. The mermaids can be found anywhere from a local business, to a public space like City Hall. Designed to raise money for charity, trying to find all 17 mermaids can be an exciting endeavor while on vacation in Norfolk.

July 19, 2019, 1:53 am